History of the Foundation 

Originally called the Creede Community Relief Fund (CCRF), as of January 1, 2014 we became the Creede Community Fund (CCF). The 2013 Wildfires significantly impacted our economy. The West Fork Complex Fire started June 5, 2013 from a lightning strike in the San Juan Mountains.  By July 15, 2013 it had spread and burned nearly 100,000 acres. On June 21th, Mineral County was declared a disaster area by the State of Colorado. On June 27th, Mineral County was declared a disaster area by the Federal Government. The smoke, ash, road and forest closures, evacuations and fear kept many tourists away from Creede in June and July, 2013. Creede businesses usually do approximately 75-90% of their yearly business during the summer season.  Businesses incurred losses of between 50-85% due to the fires.  CCF helped these businesses weather 2013 and remain open in 2014.

How Did The Fund Help?
Sustainable funds were distributed to our businesses, determined by an economic distress calculator. Additional support was obtained through written requests for economic development funds. Additional funds received were analyzed and allocated by the working board of the Creede Community Fund.

Who Benefited From The Fund?
Initially, Creede and Mineral County businesses that lost substantial revenue due to the extreme wildfires in Summer of 2013. Thanks to SLVDRG we were operating as a 501(c)(3) within 3 weeks of the fire and CCF was able to provide monetary assistance ($75,000) to 10 local businesses and 4 non-profits

Our Objectives Were To:

• Help make up business income lost during the economic disaster created by the West Fork Complex Fire
• Provide business owners with enough financial support to sustain them throughout the winter season
• Ensure local businesses have financial resources to reopen and hire in the 2014 summer season and are able to remain part of the Creede community
• Increase year round tourism
• Strengthen the Creede community by expanding it beyond county lines
• Create a long lasting community fund for future economic needs

Creede Community Foundation Now

Since the fires, CCF has continued to evolve and grow, helping the community in a variety of ways.

1st Annual Cabin Fever Daze
CCF collaborated with the chamber/visitors center for a weekend of music, dance and winter fun activities Sponsored CRT actors for Cabin Fever Daze Boomtown

CO Main Street Program
CCF became an affiliate in collaboration with the City of Creede Economic Development Advisory Council hosted CO Main Street 101 Training

Halloween – Theatre of Fear
CCF sponsored and collaborated with CRT

Revolving Loan and Rural Enhancement Enterprise Zone Training

Leading Edge 
CCF in collaboration with the City of Creede Economic Development Advisory Council, revamped the class structure with the Small Business Development Center in Alamosa

Creede Chuteout Rodeo Series
CCF was a top level sponsor and volunteer

2nd Annual Cabin Fever Daze 
Very successful!
CCF sponsored CRT’s Winter Season of Boomtown

2nd Annual Creede Chuteout Rodeo Series
CCF sponsored

Leading Edge 
Creede’s new structure contributed to the Alamosa SBDC receiving a national award

Creede Main Street Community Assessment
As a result of the assessment process and DOLA’s involvement the state demographers office developed an accurate Creede
Profile which saved the City of Creede $750,000 after placing us in a new economic bracket

Creede Christmas Ornament
CCF in collaboration with CRT produced and sold the first annual ornament

3rd Annual Cabin Fever Daze

CCF sponsored Boomtown, Ice Events, Futurebirds concert

Community Assessment Follow-up
Hosted a successful 2-day community follow up meeting led by DCI with an emphasis on branding, signage and metrics
resulting in the development of a Creede signage and Metrics Committee

Days of 92 
CCF fiscal sponsor

4th of July Beer Garden
CCF and WCRC sponsors

GOCO Inspire Initiative 

Creede Welcome Banners 
CCF with financial help from City of Creede designed and installed temporary banners

4th Annual Cabin Fever Daze

CCF sponsored the 3-day event that included dances, talks, ice/snow sculpting, Boomtown and more.

Days of 92 
CCF fiscal sponsor

4th of July Beer Garden
CCF and WCRC sponsors

CCF Board members continue to play an active role in the community. Members are city trustees and county commissioners. They sit on the boards of the Chamber, Parks and Rec, Creede Repertory Theatre, Silver Thread, and Willow Creek. CCF is continually sought after to take the lead with community projects, facilitate meetings and funding opportunities.